Top Ten Lists

Lizzie's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Get expelled from Port Charles High
 9) Make sure no one catches her being sensitive to Sarah's situation
 8) Get into a plot line that includes Jasper Jax (Maybe he could have
     an accident and she could do a soliloquy at his bedside)
 7) Tolerate Lucky's rudeness until he realizes the inevitability of 
 6) Learn to throw down apron at Kelly's with the practiced 
    panache that Karen and Jagger used to have
 5) Get up early Easter morning; steal cadbury eggs out of Sarah's 
    basket (annual resolution since age six)
 4) Never reveal her mother's identity
 3) Stop torturing Gatsby with little electrified mouse 
 2) Start Internet support group for siblings of hopeless geeks
And Lizzie's number one New Year's Resolution:
 1) Not to let Gram catch her smoking in the house
"You can't fool me."-- Audrey
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