Top Ten Lists

Luke's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Goad Stefan into doing something to justify paranoia
 9) Make sure no one ever slips an illegitimate kid past him again
 8) Give Alexis a key to his liquor cabinet
 7) Tolerate Nickolas so Laura doesn't give him those big, sad,
    bunny eyes
 6) Hire some passable entertainment so Luke's doesn't go under
 5) Get Helena a Valentine's Day gift 
 4) Grow hair out and see if it will take a perm
 3) Pay more attenion to my kid. Whatizname?
 2) Try not to lie to Bobbie about anything... else
And Luke's number one New Year's Resolution:
 1) Get other people to start smoking
"Your choices are death, death, or me." -- Luke Spencer
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