Top Ten Lists

Stefan's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Do something to Luke so he doesn't lose his charming paranoia
 9) Make certain that corndogs are never substituted for goulash 
    in the Hospital Cafeteria again
 8) Change locks so Alexis can't get in (and stop pretending that
    secret tunnel doesn't exist)
 7) Tolerate that Sarah person in hopes Nickolas will try to yell at her
 6) Hire decorator who will gently steer Katherine towards 
    something tasteful
 5) Don't get Helena a mother's day gift
 4) Remove Faberge Egg collection (nasty reminder of pointless plot)
 3) Convince Katherine to be married in black
 2) Attend the opera more often
And Stefan's number one New Year's Resolution:
 1) No more human blood
"Good evening," -- Luke Spencer quoting Bela Lugosi
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