Top Ten Lists

Tony's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Move out of apartment and back into the brownstone
 9) Make sure Carly never gets her hands on his... country CD 
 8) Find out how likely it is Bobbie will take him back
 7) Tolerate Lucas' constant "I told you so"s
 6) Completely ignore people sniggering behind his back at the 
 5) Get very, very drunk on Father's day
 4) Get used to the fact that Tonja was the best relationship he'll 
    ever have
 3) Find some other kid to sue for custody over
 2) Try not to make the same relationship mistake again... and 
    again... and again
And Tony's number one New Year's Resolution:
 1) Join a monastery
"You can tell me what the results of the blood test are." -- Dr. Tony Jones
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