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Top Ten Reasons Not To Date Sarah Webber

10) Insists on playing that same song over and over and over
 9) Takes being blonde seriously
 8) Fifty/fifty chance you're actually related to her
 7) Audrey wants to know all the details
 6) Thinks foreplay is a golf term
 5) Insists on putting in her classical CDs when you're in the car
 4) Typical dinner conversation; "Are you going to eat your fries?
    Nickolas always let me have his."
 3) She's always picking up viruses from those kids at the Hospital 
 2) Favorite Date Activity - Flossing
And the number one reason not to date Sarah Webber:
 1) Doesn't even blink when you wave your hand in front of her face
"You won't even notice I'm gone." -- Lucky Spencer
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