Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs Stefan is losing interest in Katherine

10) Having secret tunnel to guesthouse filled in 
 9) No longer sentimental about the blood stain on the tree
 8) After moaning "Lasha" in a passionate moment tells Kathy it means
    Darling in Russian
 7) No longer claims he can "grow to love" the smell of fried chicken
 6) Order for that crystal wheelchair pendant put on hold
 5) Huge portrait of Laura in the basement; blurry photo of Katherine 
    stuck to refrigerator with magnet
 4) Regulary forgets to fill her food and water dishes
 3) Winces everytime she begins a sentence with "If you want to know
    what I think..."
 2) Extra careful about birth control
And the number one sign Stefan is losing interest in Katherine
1) Sometimes wishes she was his sister "I don't remember my dreams." -- Stefan Cassadine
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