Top Ten Lists

Reginald's Top Ten Fantasies About Katherine

10) She dies of distemper
 9) Her fortune is rightfully confiscated by the IRS
 8) Tracy, light of his life, returns and makes mincemeat 
    out of the blonde bimbo
 7) Ken Starr supeonas her
 6) Katherine sneaks into the Kitchen and Cook catches
    her microwaving nachos and whips out the butcher knife
 5) He loosens all the railings in the East Wing
 4) Alan mistakes her for a big pill 
 3) She is kidnapped by Aliens who give her a nasal
    probe, then sell her to interstellar slave traders,
    who transport her to a planet where fasting is 
    enforced every third day, and no one has ever heard
    of a buffet, and she is forced to watch the broadcast
    now being received of Lucy Coe hosting the first 
    three Nurses' Balls.  She escapes only to starve to
    death on a shuttlecraft because she can't figure out
    how to operate the replicator. And the audience doesn't
    have to watch any of it.
 2) Drowns in the jacuzzi when she goes down to examine
    the scratch and sniff sticker Reginald placed there
And Reginald's number one Fantasy about Katherine:
 1) This time he get's the dosages right 
"Maybe she'll never return." -- Reginald
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