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Top Ten Reasons Katherine is upset with Stefan

10) First thing he did was get rid of the tacky vase she 
    put over the fireplace 
 9) Already rented out the cottage
 8) The minute she's "dead" he welcomes Alexis back with
    open arms
 7) No shrine erected to her 
 6) Knows she was only ever a pale substitute for Lasha
    in his eyes 
 5) He didn't give a nude portrait of her to Luke to hang 
    over the mantelpiece at the club
 4) He was so stupid he didn't even guess that she had
    the fancy "Romeo/Juliet" drug, even though all the
    fans did 
 3) He never did give her one of those cute Cassadine
 2) Helena's been feeding her; that's where her loyalties
    lie now
And the number one reason Katherine is upset with Stefan:
1) He kept imagining her as a cheesy ghost urging him
to boff Laura
"I want you to be happy, Stefan." -- Ghost Katherine
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