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Top Ten Reasons The Port Charles Authorities Have Never Gotten a Conviction

10) Garcia insists on interrogating only pretty
    young ladies 
 9) Mac has to drop all police matters to deal with
    Robin's personal life
 8) Dara going for the all time non-conviction record
 7) D.A. Schultz never recovered from Sigmund's
    appearance as a hostile witness 
 6) Taggert completey unable to refrain from witty
    caustic remarks, no matter how many times they
    threaten to suspend him
 5) V's sparkling personality distracting the rest of
    the police force
 4) Officer Johnson is having a bad lifetime
 3) Mac not really sure what the difference is between
    being a Police Commissioner and tending bar 
 2) Brain-damaged mob boss, Jason, is more than a 
    match for the lot of them
And the number one reason The Port Charles Authorities
Have Never Gotten A Conviction:
 1) They keep arresting themselves
"Commissioner Scorpio is busy right now." -- V
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