Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Really Like General Hospital Now

10) Scotty found his brain (so he's leaving)
 9) Ned sings; Felicia doesn't
 8) Antonio going after a movie career (Good luck!)
 7) Tiffany in a much better mood (By the way, has anyone
    seen Tiffany)
 6) Mac and Felicia no longer argue about sleeping together
    (now, if only they would stop talking to each other
 5) Marco just made his monthly appearance: might indicate
    an actual storyline
 4) Reginald back on: might indicate a Christmas paycheck
    for him
 3) Monica and Alan now pulling together (Okay, so it's to
    cover up manslaughter)
 2) Luke and Laura set screen aflame
And the number one reason we really like General Hospital
 1) Ryan AND Kevin
"I've heard of 'physician heal thyself', but that's ridiculous." Ryan Chamberlain
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