Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Port Charles Residents on Santa's Naughty List

10) Katherine: for not letting Scott, or us, forget Dom
 9) Lucy: Who needs Santa when you've got Scott's credit
    card and the home shopping network
 8) Sean: Folding, spindling and mutilating history
 7) Damien: Robbing the blind (i.e. Quartermaines)
 6) Ned: Sexual harassment fraud
 5) Bobbie: Incredibly fake screaming
 4) Mac: For impersonating an Australian and a Detective
 3) Ruby: The Christmas Special at Kelly's
 2) Kevin: startling unwary citizens
And the number one Port Charles Resident on Santa's naughtly
 1) Felicia: singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" in public
"I know what hurts my ears." Ned Ashton -- General Hospital
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