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Top Ten Things Overheard At The ELQ Christmas Party

10) Christmas bonus; the usual one dollar check from Edward
 9) Yes, Mr. Ashton, I'm behind you 100%
 8) Lila's here; pop in that "Sound of Music" tape
 7) Yes, Mr. Smith, I'm behind you 100%
 6) Wonderful fake snow we're having this year
 5) You mean they only found one body?
 4) Yes, Mr. Quartermaine, I'm behind you 100%
 3) Bill Eckert?  Was he a stockholder?
 2) Sing Jingle Bell Rock again, Ned
And the number one thing overheard at the ELQ Christmas
 1) Somehow I don't think a savings bond looks quite right
    as a Christmas tree topper
"The wool of the black sheep is just as warm." Sister Margaretta (Anna Lee) -- Sound of Music
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