Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Kevin Could Get Ryan For Christmas

10) Star Trek: The Next Generation pro-tape of "Data/Lore"
 9) Crayons (box of 128; all the colors)
 8) Fruitcake with file inside (the trick is finding
    something that will cut the fruit cake)
 7) Felicia with a strategically placed bow and tag
 6) How about that thirty percent of the Outback
 5) Commemorative fire engine and red blocks
 4) Letter from Axl Rose asking if he can use Ryan's song
 3) One pound of quality Lithium
 2) Not muffins; anything but muffins
And the number one thing Kevin could get Ryan for Christmas
 1) An Emmy
"He has demons, but they can be faced and conquered." Dr. Kevin Collins (no relation to Baranbas)
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