Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Port Charles Residents on Santa's Nice List

10) Laura: For putting up with Bobbie's "hospitality"
 9) Kevin: For rendering Felicia speechless
 8) Marco: For minding his own business
 7) Karen: For giving up stripping (thank goodness)
 6) Lila: For no longer running over pigeons with her
 5) Luke: For fidelity in the face of overwhelming
 4) Tony: For putting up with Bobbie all the time
 3) Lucy: For valiantly trying to serve as Scott's
    substitute brain. (Yes, she's made all of Santa's lists)
 2) Brenda: Well, she's friendly.
And the number one Port Charles Resident on Santa's Nice
 1) Ryan: Santa was too intimidated to leave him off
"My God, man, you're dry. Can't you see the humor in anything." Ryan Chamberlain -- General Hospital
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