Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Happened on General Hospital Today* Monday, January 17th, 1994

10) Brenda stripped
 9) Tony and Amy eloped (No, that would be bigamy.  It would
    be big of him, too)
 8) Writer's introduced new animated teen characters (voices
    by Menudo); more real than Jagger and Karen
 7) Alan confessed to Ray's murder; everyone had a good
 6) A.J. and Ned mud wrestled
 5) Robert and Anna came back for one day. (Sorry, you all
    missed it)
 4) Kelly's burned down
 3) Reginald got a line, "More tea, Mrs. Quartermaine."
 2) Robin recited Shakespeare and juggled during the peak
    hour at the Outback.  Mac failed to notice
And the number one thing that happened on General Hospital
 1) Kevin helped Ryan escape, after he agreed to kill Mac
*Not! (Well, you wouldn't know, would you?)
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