Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Plot Lines for Robin

10) Mysterious computer banking theft traced back to Robin.
    She's been siphoning funds to send to her mother and
    father who tell her they are trying to bring peace to
 9) Felicia's purchase of thirty percent of the Outback
    falls through when Robin outbids her
 8) Brenda too busy with the business end of Deception.
    Robin has to take over as "The Face of Innocence"
 7) New show "Robin's World" telecast from the Scorpio
    basement, big hit!
 6) Two words: Teenage pregnancy
 5) Robin shaves her head and becomes a Hare Krishna.  Three
    months before Mac notices
 4) Robin and Stone thrown together in a typical dangerous
    teen summer odyssey and discover that they really do
    ...hate each other
 3) Robin actually Dobrudjan assassin hired to kill Bobbie
 2) Robin stands up at Mac and Felicia's wedding to object.
    Mac can't marry Felicia because she's read in her
    fathers's journal that Mac is a ....werewolf! (Well,
    never seen him during a full moon, have we?)
And the number one possible plot line for Robin:
 1) Robin discovers that Sean was actually the criminal
    mastermind behind the Garfield gang.  But no one will
    believe her and sinister Sean decides to silence her
"If anybody needs me, I think I'll be in the nearest hole in the ground." Robin -- General Hospital
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