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Top Ten Possible Plot Lines For Simone

10) Simone is the go-between for Robin and her parents
    computer theft plot, since Robin doesn't have her
    learner's permit yet.  Turns out that Tom isn't really
    in Somalia.  He's gone to aid Robert and Anna in the
    Canadian peace effort
 9) Simone takes up a collection for Kevin's Birthday
    present.  Figures she'll start early.  Might take some
    time (unless Brenda has some extra cash)
 8) Sonny too busy with Mob stuff to run Paradise Lounge.
    Simone buys the business and opens a male strip club.
    Kevin, Jason, Ned, Damien, and Steve, compete on amateur
    night.  Steve wins
 7) New Show; informercial "Stop the Inanity" with Dr.
    Simone Hardy.  How to cope with no plotlines and being
    the only working Doctor at General Hospital.  Simone's
    ten step program to stress relief
 6) Two Words: Doctor Kevorkian
 5) Simone's son ages ten years in one,.  Nobody notices
 4) Tommy out of the country too long.  Simone greatly
    attracted to that sexy Doctor Tony Jones
 3) Simone actually exiled network executive with lobotmy
 2) Mac confides his werewolf condition to Simone and she
    searches for a cure
And the number one possible plot line for Simone
 1) Robin injured by Sean (gone bad) in murderous assault.
    Turns to Simone for medical aid.
"I'll bet you're a geminii." Simone
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