Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Plot Lines For Sly

10) While using Robin's computer to play a game of Mortal
    Kombat (which Jenny doesn't approve of) Sly discovers
    Robin's computer theft scheme and proceeds to blackmail
 9) Sly sues Aunt Jenny for misusing his inheiritance
 8) Everyone too busy too notice when Sly enrolls in a mime
    school in France, until his return.  Then they are
    horrified when he pretends he's in a box and/or walking
    against a strong wind
 7) New Show; sit-com "Empty House".  Sly manages his life
    with no parental figures in sight
 6) Two words: gang initiation
 5) Jenny and Paul leave town; three months before they
    remember they forgot to bring Sly.
 4) The Slyster develops a crush on Brenda
 3) Sly actually Casey's illegitmate alien child (Jellybean
    actually alien word for abandoned orphan)
 2) Sly befriends werewolf Mac, teaches him how to fetch
And the number one possible plot line for Sly
 1) Sly accepts bribe from Sean to keep quite about the
    nefarious activities in the catacombs
"He can't see without his glasses." Sly
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