Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Plot Lines for Steve and Audrey

10) Steve and Audrey are suspicious when they start getting
    letters from Tommy with Canadian postmarks.  On close
    questioning Simone reveals the Scorpio plot
 9) Steve embezzles money designated for new hospital wing.
    Audrey covers it up for him
 8) Audrey too busy to notice when Steve takes up stripping
 7) Audrey and Ryan go on sleaze talk show circuit; "Serial
    Killers and the people they think are their mothers"
 6) Two Words: prescribing marijauna
 5) Steve and Audrey take a secret trip to Barbados, for a
    second honeymoon.  Tony panics when he finds out and
    proceeds to tell the whole town.  Mails Steve a pager
 4) Audrey suddenly realizes how attractive she's always
    found Lee.  Trys to resist temptation, but finds herself
    stuck on an escalator with Lee
 3) Steve and Audrey never actually married.   Minister was
    an escaped convict
 2) Steve and Audrey, walking home from seeing "Wayne's
    World II", are attacked by an inept werewolf
And the number one possible plot line for Steve and Audrey:
 1) Ryan sends Audrey a mother's day card... Tommy doesn't
"Why is your generation always so impatient?" Dr. Steve Hardy
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