Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Plot Lines For Lila

10) Lila really Canadian arms-smuggler.  Kidnaps Robin to
    foil Robert, Anna, Tommy and Simone's plans
 9) Lila suspects Edward of having an affair with Katy Bell.
    Hatches plot to have him declared senile and committed
    so she can take over his ELQ stock
 8) Edward too busy with ELQ too notice when Lila starts
    renting out rooms in the mansion
 7) New show "Lila's Angel" - Lila has Brenda do the legwork
    while she solves crimes from the parlor
 6) Two words: video piracy
 5) Lila wins the annual neighborhood center polka contest,
    doesn't think Edward would approve so she hides huge
    accordion shaped trophy in the Garden, tells him it's a
    new lawn ornament
 4) Lucy changes her mind, challenges Damien to seduce Lila
 3) Lila actually Amelia Earhart
 2) Lila the last in a long line of Werewolf hunters.
    Robin consults her about the awful curse that haunts her
    family and wonders if she should feed Mac Cycle Two.
    Lila recommends Cycle Three
And the number one possible plot line for Lila:
 1) Mob boss Sean's goons try to extort money from Lila.
    Lila instructs Reginald to see to it that Sean becomes
    "maggot munchies"
"Well, for heaven's sake Edward, there's no reason to bite my head off." Lila
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