Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Think Damian Is Really Cool

10) Blue eyes to die for
 9) He thinks Katherine's a witch (you know what we really
    mean) and has stopped feeding her
 8) Very calm under pressure, doesn't even sweat when he
    gives away 25,000 dollars
 7) Can think up lies really quick
 6) Used to be Dr. Baransky, but no one's figured it out yet
 5) Two words: good tailor
 4) Survived prep school with Ned
 3) Making Sean's shortcoming's as Police Commissioner even
    more apparent
 2) Not afraid of computers
And the number one reason we think Damian is really cool:
 1) Doesn't blow chunks when he has to go out to dinner with
"Excellent! The disguise works." Damian
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