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Previews for the week of 18-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • GH Live continues on Monday.
  • Anna Devane and Kyle Sloane work together to concoct a risky scheme that just may pay off. But Sloane suffers from some doubt as to the eventual success.
  • Anna asks Sloane to help with something, which breaks the ice.
  • Kyle knows Anna is in dire need of backup, and he’s willing. The problem is, what can he do for her that counts?
  • Anna and Kyle become even better allies, in this together. They cover a great deal of ground in their current mob case. He’s got her back. That means so much.
  • Anna must make up a fictional excuse to hide her true intentions, which doesn’t sit well with her. Alas…
  • Who’s getting married this week, hmm? Fast and furious.
  • Sloane tries to make Anna feel better by steering her focus back on the case at hand. That’s what they know.
  • Sonny gears up to take down the person who hit Duke, or the person he thinks hit Duke.
  • Carly catches herself before she blurts key info to Sonny.
  • Unfortunately for Jake, Sonny thinks the guy’s in up to his eyeballs with the Duke hit.
  • Someone else gets dinged by a gunshot, collateral damage in this mob town.
  • More violence? Of course. This time, Sonny and Carly are the targets, but Jake jumps in as their shield just in time.
  • Nevertheless, Sonny feels nothing but suspicion for Jake and means to target him next, no matter what Carly mewls about.
  • It works, Kyle’s plan works. Jake wins Julian over and takes over as his righthand.
  • Jake has had enough of this undercover operative BS. He tries to cut ties with Sloane.
  • Jake’s done with this undercover operative stuff. He doesn’t care about the personal consequences.
  • General Hospital delivers a message about the current situation to Julian.
  • A thirsty Julian tries to seek support from Alexis. He’s all alone.
  • Julian walks in on — is this an ambush of sorts?
  • Julian is in misery because he lost Alexis.
  • Sam informs Jake on the latest goings-on at her dad’s garage.
  • Nikolas leaves an important part of his secret out when continuing to interact with Elizabeth.
  • Hayden goads Elizabeth, dancing around the subject of Jake/Jason.
  • Hayden keeps spreading her sunshine to others, tempting fate.
  • Jake asks himself if he’s about to figure out who he is. He is.
  • Jake has Sam with him as they are about to hit the possible motherlode.
  • Michael and Kiki get into a row. Or is that Kiki and Morgan?
  • Michael and Sabrina, OTOH, meow.
  • Sabrina is worrying herself sick. Michael takes notice and so, seems agreeable to having their date closer to home.
  • Sabrina’s latest gravitas with Carlos informs her future with Michael. Michael digs girls with substance.
  • Kiki and Morgan start off having an innocent conversation, but then, it becomes something else entirely. They can’t believe it went that far.
  • Jordan has to bite the bullet and let Shawn in on the undercover secret.
  • Jordan sits her son TJ down for the lowdown.
  • Jordan brokers a sweetheart deal with Scotty.
  • Shawn must decide whose side he’s ultimately gonna be on. He’s been put in a no-win situation.
  • Sam begins to comprehend the magnitude of what her dad Julian did to Duke, and therefore Patrick’s daughter Emma.
  • Olivia reacts to terrible news in typical, overdramatic Olivia fashion.
  • What the hell does Olivia want from Dante now?
  • Olivia and Ned deliberate about the next move, as in the literal sense. They’ll take off for parts unknown (to Julian) for most of the summer but should come back by July. But first, they need someone else to work with them to make this happen.
  • Julian figures out that Franco put the screws to a pregnant Olivia, which started this premature mess.
  • Franco says some not-so-nice stuff that riles up Nina. But he’s hacked by her shenanigans.
  • Franco tattles on Nina to her brother Nathan.
  • Valerie seeks to find a job and finds herself at the police department, where Dante just happens to work.
  • Silas won’t say how baby Avery resurfaced back at his place.
  • Spinelli and Ellie make their way back to Portland where they live.
  • Laura resurfaces, ostensibly to usher Luke out (Tony Geary is gone from GH). Luke and Laura will not go off into the sunset together (that is not what the actors want anyway), however.
  • Jake is going to reach eventual enlightenment about being Jason Morgan, but will keep this close to the vest for awhile.
  • Looks like Silas may have fooled Ava, by hijacking her baby for the life-saving bone marrow. After Ava rages on Silas, he figures she’ll be glad.
  • Hayden will burn too many bridges. Before too long, she’ll go belly-up in another murder mystery.

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