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News for the week of 26-Mar-2007

by Carol Banks Weber

Nathaniel Marston (Michael/ex-Al) gave fans of his a human glimpse in a recent Q&A posted up on his site. (He does a fair number of these for his fan club members, so there’s always a chance to keep turning in your questions, Tiger Beat!). Like most of us, he’s not much of a morning person. Throw in a buttcrack of dawn schedule of a typical soap star, and forget about it. A perfect day to him would be rolling out of bed refreshed at around 10 a.m., waking up to a sunshiny, breezy 78-82 and a hearty breakfast before enjoying the rest of the day at the beach, interspersed with lunch and naptime (sounds like me, except I’d like to make love all night on the roof with Damian Lewis). He spoke a lot for and about the qualities of Robin Strasser (Dorian). He would totally go for a repeat of the Dorian loves Joe phenomenon, but with him in the title role. He’s impressed with her classically trained credentials and her ability to have fun with the scene. Two favorite scenes from actual Al and Michael stories involve two different elements entirely. As the rebuffed Al, Marston had to torch Jen’s room, and subsequently the rest of her house. Because the stuntman bore little resemblance to the actor, the actor took over and earned his own fire stunt badge for hurling himself through the flames of hell. Water played a major role years later as the reborn Michael, when he and Marcie enjoyed a post-lovemaking respite up on the roof, then the rains came, “and I ask her to marry me. That was a fun scene.”

Fun, lusty Dorian aside, Nathaniel Marston really came alive when asked about story for Michael and Marcie—yet to be played. The actor doesn’t buy the excuses, including the age-old, Dude, we don’t know what to do with you two story-wise, it’s all been done. Like hell, it hasn’t all been done, Marston countered. What about what happened to Al as he morphed into Michael? Where’s the real Michael? How about revisiting that one with some closure for God’s sakes?! Here we go:

>> Maybe after everything that happens with myself and John and Spencer, after the truth about my father’s death comes out, maybe Michael, who’s a very together person, maybe what starts to happen is he starts to remember things that he and Marcie did, you know, “Hey, remember the time we did such and such…” and she stops him and says “That wasn’t us. That was Al and me..”

Because that’s something that you could go with. Having him think he’s starting to lose it. With all the trauma and the stress, things just start to pop in.

You can’t do this huge thing and then never have anything about it again. Because working through that, and her fear and they’re already married so she can’t just divorce him like that. There obviously you have the conflict, she’s ready to divorce him because she thinks he’s a lunatic. Maybe this guy just played me from the beginning and he’s really crazy? You have the gamut of her emotions to work through. And then it gives us something real to work our way past. And she helps me.

… It may seem a little silly to go back to it, but it was never really dealt with properly. So that gives them a whole Hey, there really is Al in there somewhere. And it starts with little things but then it gets worse and worse until I start to break down and who pulls me through? Marcie does. With our really special history. There’s so much that brought us together, don’t lose that in that way.

So there you go. That’s the story that I’d like to play. Something that brings it back and makes it understandable why they are where they are and why they need to be together, that would tie it all together, for the fans and for us. <<

The most hated man in soap opera biz wished co-star Kassie DePaiva (Blair) a happy birthday two days before the blessed event (March 21, she’s an Aries) and loved on her as a “sincerely sweet person and a talented actress” in his blog section of the website. Oh, and Trevor St. John (Todd) denied ever calling his bosses “idiots” as a major soap opera mag reporter claimed. His blog update just caused many vocal OLTL fans to continue ragging on him as duplicitous and agenda-driven.

At the announcement of the birth of a firstborn baby boy for Trevor St. John (Todd) and his wife, March 21, 4:03 a.m., fans couldn’t have been more kind, wishing the parents and their bundle of joy well. Aidan Lee arrived at 7 lbs., 5.2 oz.

OLTL’s March 22nd episode blew audiences away with the unnerving, intense passes at realism by actors Forbes March (Nash) and Bree Williamson (Jessica). They’ve done their best to surpass the soap cliché of mental illness and twins, to focus on the heart of the matter. In March’s definition, that’s simply an old-fashioned love triangle, relatable to all. “Here are two people – by that I mean Nash and Jessica – who have separated after a great and passionate love story, who share a child, are trying to move on, but still harbor feelings for each other, and have to come to terms with their desires and consider the people around them, people they don’t want to hurt. … We live in a country where divorce is now the norm, but no rules or etiquette for its aftermath exist. It’s a mess, or a Messica [laughs]!” –Soap Opera Digest, March 27, 2007

When there’s nothing for John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex) to do in and around the OLTL sets, he hunkers down in his dressing room, fires up the Nintendo and goes for broke on Mega Man 3 for hours at a time. That or a book.

Todd Jr., aka Tommy McBain, has a different, older face. Toddlers Luke Kendler and Jacob Cook Clodfelter took over.

Mark LaMura’s (ex-Mark, AMC) trashing AMC for trashing Julia Barr (ex-Brooke, AMC). But he’s all smiles about OLTL, since he’s on it now as recurring Dr. or CEO Douglas Kline, as of April 3.

Gossip for the week of 26-Mar-2007

by Carol Banks Weber

You’re welcome to those who thanked me for publicly standing by Trevor St. John (Todd) in the aftermath of his Daytime Emmy snub, and for having stood by the actor through many fan-based bashes. Call me wacky, but hate the man for sucking as an actor if you don’t like his performances, not for remaining true to himself and to the craft. In the usual dog stroke dog world of soaps, it’s refreshing to see a man refusing to play the BS game.

SoapTown USA/Llanview CRAZE columnist Jeremy in Chicago raised several important points post-Daytime Emmy nominations, centered around the travesty of leaving St. John out. In his “Daytime Emmy Debacle,” Jeremy railed against those who would so obviously overlook one of the most real portrayals of a man facing execution in ages. He also brought up the incongruity of electing to nominate OLTL as a “Best Show” contender, probably based in large part to Todd’s execution scenes, without honoring the actor responsible for most of it. “The irony here is stunning,” Jeremy wrote. “Though the writing, directing, and ensemble acting were all superb during the episodes surrounding Todd’s execution, the crowning jewel was Trevor St. John’s brave and heart-wrenching performance. Why was his talent allowed to translate into a Best Show nod and not a Best Actor nod?” Good question. Any answers?

A blind item cites an actor who failed to make the Emmy nominee grade, and how his cast mates are secretly glad for the failure, since most of them think the guy’s Lucifer himself. Is this Trevor St. John, as so many detractors claim? And if so, then why bother pushing him through as a pre-nom and what’s with Bree Williamson’s (Jessica) “Where the hell is Trevor?” about? IMHO…not him. But it might be someone who never made it through pre-noms, period.

Through the Soap Opera Weekly grapevine, we learn that Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline) took a pass at the first deal tendered by TPTB for a renegotiated contract.

Whether Trevor St. John (Todd) said it or not, TPTB are idiots if they take a pass at Tangeline for another tired T&B retread, which is likely. Have they learned nothing from GH’s Sonny and Carly?

John and Natalie break up. But then, Natalie learns she is carrying his child. She sees this as her chance to hold on to a man no longer in love with her. Michael and Marcie will also receive joyous news as the parents to another baby, their own, thereby making it easier to give up Todd’s baby, just in time for a Todd and Blair-fest. Bucket, please.

Looks very likely that Paige stabbed Spencer to death, with David covering for her. It also looks very likely that someone will perish and Cristian may turn to the dark side after all.

Alexandra Neil seems here to stay as Paige. Yeah, right.

There is no such thing as Preston McBain.

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