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343 people voted this week:

46 (13.4%) Where's an ABC special report when you need it?
(submitted by gyrlfrend)

32 (9.3%) Embarrassed GH writers cringe at their oversight: Liz: "Okay, Jason. Now move your stick a little closer to your balls. Hold it, hold it.."
(submitted by hit_n_run)

27 (7.9%) "Hey, Elizabeth--sketch this!" *ziiip*
(submitted by Violette)

27 (7.9%) Liz Webber draws a blank.
(submitted by rosekelly989)

21 (6.1%) Every female viewer thinks...stupid probably could have gotten him to pose nude!
(submitted by pinkyintx)

21 (6.1%) "Hey, Liz, don't forget to emphasize the incredible size of my... pool stick."
(submitted by LoveBeads)

16 (4.7%) "I swear to God, if you don't stop following me, I'm gonna get a restraining order!"
(submitted by KClover)

15 (4.4%) Liz: "Thank you very much Mr.Roboto, for helping me paint just when I needed you."
(submitted by Lucky2luvr)

15 (4.4%) Liz: Hold it right there, let me paint the air as you walk in.
(submitted by Rocky)

15 (4.4%) The extras walk out being as disgusted as we are with this plot.
(submitted by bluecanary)

15 (4.4%) The real reason why it's taking so long to put Jason's picture back into the Opening Sequence.
(submitted by Rich)

15 (4.4%) The best of both worlds, as long as I fudge alittle on the face ... Lucky will never know its not him.
(submitted by GeenasMom)

13 (3.8%) (insert lewd reference to the poker and balls here)
(submitted by brookeissexy)

12 (3.5%) Jason: I want you draw me holding this pool stick Elizabeth...and nothing but this pool stick...
(submitted by Risa)

10 (2.9%) Liz narrowly misses an arrow to the head. The sounds of collective groans are heard across America.
(submitted by hit_n_run)

7 (2.0%) "Ok, the picture is done. Now, for the finishing touch, I'll write " You will be assimilated" in a bubble coming out of his mouth! I crack myself up!"
(submitted by Closefan)

7 (2.0%) Oh, put the stupid pad down. We all know you're not really drawing what's on there.
(submitted by Romantic)

6 (1.7%) Can you hurry? I need to take this shot.
(submitted by ButterflyKisses)

5 (1.5%) Jason is the best model ever! How can he stand there like that for hours and never even blink?
(submitted by couchqueen)

4 (1.2%) Elizabeth: "Jason, try to show some expression, some personality. Oh, sorry. Maybe that's not possible."
(submitted by Christy)

3 (0.9%) Liz: I wish that Jason would move so I can get the guy behind him...
(submitted by virginia)

3 (0.9%) Its been 8 hours and Jason still hasnt moved or blinked proving he really is a Borg.
(submitted by LL24ever)

3 (0.9%) Jason later gets very angry when he realizes that Liz has been drawing stick figures every time he poses for her.
(submitted by WSB_Agent)

3 (0.9%) Geez, Jason. Let me draw you a picture so you'll GET A CLUE!!!
(submitted by Pippin)

2 (0.6%) Jason poses for his own personal drawing for the PCPD
(submitted by Leia)