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[Photo for the week of 16-Apr-2001]

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Mary Mae & Edward--the early years
Lucky is shocked when he learns that since she can't have the Face of Deception job, Gia has now posed for Playboy!
Look at this face! Would this face lie to Nic, blackmail Em,and torture Liz? Thats what I thought ice princess boy!
"You will break up with Elizabeth and get a life, Lucky. You will find Jonathan Jackson and bring him back. Always protect your queen."
Gia tells Lucky, repeat after me - I am the face of Deception.
"Tell the truth. Do I look fat in this?"
"Bet you can't Elizabeth to pose like THAT for you Lucky, even if you BEG!"
I'm telling you Lucky it's a really old picture of Stevie Wonder.
You want me to submit THIS photo to Caption This???
No you can't take my picture into the bathroom with you!
Next time we go to SEARS to have my picture taken ask to use the snow scene background.
I told you I would get the job! Who do you see in this picture?
Gia: So whose idea was it to put my phone number in the ad?
Lucky to self: "Man, and I thought LIZ was self-absorbed"
Gia: So why are my eyes closed in ALL of these pictures?
Look Nikolas just because you caught me in bed hugging a picture of me doesn't mean I'm cheating on you!
Lucky:"Is that girl in the picture your twin?" Gia:"No wonder Liz is always with Jason."
(Gia's lies start to take their toll.) No, it was Carly who was recast! THIS is really ME in the picture. I swear!
"It's me. It's all about me. I'm so selfish, that I have to carry around these pictures, so that everyone will recognize me!"
So tell me Lucky, what was this doing under your mattress? Little Miss Goody-two-shoes" not enough woman for your imagination.
You little creep, I just got a phone call stating that I've been selected as Ms.April in Playboy's center fold. This was supposed to be between us only!
"Why is this photo sticky, Lucky?"
These photos prove it, Lucky! I'm just not black!
But how can I be sure that my face ends up in fashion magazines and not some "Caption This" website where people add silly comments beside it!

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