History: The Eighties

[photo] Laura became personally implicated in these underworld doings. She was spotted overhearing a conversation between Luke's boss, Frank Smith, and his henchmen. Laura now knew too much and was being watched by Frank's men. Meanwhile, Frank's daughter, Jennifer, was attracted to Luke, who, pressured by Frank, was forced to propose marriage. Disheartened, Laura decided she had to make the best of her marriage to Scotty. But on the day of Luke and Jennifer's wedding aboard the Smith yacht, Scotty read a letter Laura had written to Luke and found out who her rapist was. Minutes before the wedding ceremony, Scotty beat up Luke, who fell overboard and was presumed drowned. Later, while walking up and down the dock in despair, Luke emerged from the water and grabbed Laura's leg, begging her to help him. They both fled Port Charles after they stole Frank Smith's little black book, which once uncoded, would detail the criminal activities of Frank and his organization.

Frank Smith found out that Luke and Laura, before they left town, had stolen Smith's coded black book which, once uncoded, would detail all of his criminal activities and put him in jail for good. Frank became desperate to get the couple back into his clutches and tried one scheme after another to force them to return. He even severely beat Luke's kindhearted aunt, Ruby Anderson, but failed to bring Luke out into the open. Finally, Frank sent a hit man named Hutch after him.

Meanwhile, Luke and Laura were having a glorious time while running for their lives. Although he was ready, she wasn't sure whether she wanted to break her marriage vows and make love to him, so Luke good naturedly agreed to hold off. Hit man Hutch found Luke and Laura and befriended them, secretly waiting for the right moment to dispatch the two. The three secured jobs in a local tavern, little suspecting that the owner of the tavern, Sally, was really a hit man in drag, sent by Smith to kill all three of them. Luke decoded the black book--at last he had the goods on Smith and he and Laura could return to Port Charles. Suddenly, Laura was kidnapped by Sally, the hit man in drag. A shootout took place in which Hutch was critically wounded and Max killed. The black book was turned over to the police, the organization was broken up and Frank Smith was jailed. With the nightmare over, Luke and Laura returned to the Whittaker's farm where they had spent their happiest moments. Luke made advances to Laura and this time, sure of her feelings for him, they made love.

[photo] They returned triumphantly to Port Charles, but the sight of the reporters brought back the David Hamilton affair all over again. Pressed for a statement about her involvement with Luke, Laura blurted out that she was still Mrs. Scott Baldwin and had been unfaithful to her husband. Laura regretted what she said and was ready to ask Scotty for a divorce, but Luke, destroyed by her outburst, decided to part with Laura.

Edward Quartermaine's shrewd, beautiful niece, Alexandria, arrived in town to work on a business deal with her uncle. However, she was really interested in locating an ugly little abstract black statue known as the Ice Princess, and she hired Luke Spencer to find it. Luke certainly didn't know the Ice Princess was not only the world's largest uncut diamond, but also contained the secret formula for the manufacture of synthetic diamonds. At the same time Laura began working as a receptionist at Edward Louis Quartermaine Industries (ELQ), where Luke also worked, although he wasn't ready yet to resume their affair. As Luke started digging for information on the Ice Princess, he was thwarted at every turn by several sinister characters, including Tony Cassadine and Robert Scorpio. Soon Luke and Robert, who secretly worked for the World Security Bureau, became good friends. Robert told Luke the truth about the statue and the formula and that if the formula for synthetic diamonds fell into the hands of the infamous Cassadines, they could control the world. Luke also learned that Alexandria Quartermaine had been in cahoots with them. A second Cassadine brother, Victor, arrived in Port Charles, and it was Victor who finally wound up with the statue.

Robert Scorpio found out that the Cassadines were about to set sail with the Ice Princess, and he and Luke stowed away on their yacht, the Haunted Star. Once on board they found another stowaway--Laura! She would not be parted from Luke. The yacht brought them all to the Cassadine's lush, tropical private island. The Cassadine brothers and their guests were lodged in a huge underground cavern, where they were joined by the eldest Cassadine brother, the evil genius Mikkos. The stowaways, meanwhile, managed to find a hiding place on the island. Mikkos revealed his master plan--with the formula now in his possession, he could manufacture a substance with the ability to alter climates of the world!

[photo] Back on the surface, Luke and Laura were enjoying their tropical paradise, while Scorpio found his way underground with the help of Victor's mistress, beautiful actress Tiffany Hill. She was horrified by Mikkos's plan. As the four concocted a way to stop the Cassadines, Mikkos gave the head of the World Security Bureau an ultimatum--surrender to him now or he would freeze the major cities of the world, starting with Port Charles! To do just that, Mikkos had invented a terrifying machine. In the end, Luke and Scorpio were able to turn the evil freezing machine back on Mikkos himself, freezing Mikkos, Alexandria Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine all to death! Victor was jailed, and the world was now safe from the Cassadines.

Dr. Noah Drake arrived at GH. He quickly became known as a ladies man, dating several of the nurses, including Bobbie Spencer. Their romance progressed to the serious stage swiftly.

Robert, Luke and Laura returned to Port Charles as heroes. Laura flew to Mexico to obtain her divorce from Scotty. He agreed. Luke and Laura's wedding took place with everyone attending. But, Scotty interrupted the affair by catching the bouquet and vowing to cause trouble.

Joe Kelly proved that Heather didn't kill Diana, but she had died accidentally in a struggle with Alice Grant. Both Heather and Alice were set free.

Noah admitted to Bobbie that he wasn't ready for a commitment. She left town to start a new life.

Laura modeled for Miss Star Eyes and put a strain on the marriage. Suddenly, Laura disappeared without a trace on the docks.

Laura's disappearance drove Luke frantic with worry. She was seen on the docks near the yacht and seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth! Jackie Templeton, an investigative reporter from New York City, arrived in Port Charles seeking a different Laura--her sister who disappeared with her boyfriend, Mel. Eventually, Luke and Jackie discovered that both disappearances were engineered by David Gray, a mystery man who intended to steal the treasures of MaIkuth from the Port Charles Museum. Laura Templeton appeared unharmed, but Luke discovered that David had his wife killed. David was killed in a fight with Luke soon afterwards. Jackie and Robert fell in love.

[photo] Rick Webber was appalled by the conditions on the waterfront. His clinic was helping somewhat, and he had adopted Mike, a waterfront orphan. But there had to be something he could do. A young boy, Blackie Parrish, helped crystalize his plans. He founded a sports center, on land owned by George Dernly (and later taken over by Scotty Baldwin when Dernly was arrested). He hoped that it would give kids a place to go, instead of hanging around on the streets.

The Sports Center became the training camp for a young boxer, Johnny Morissey. Rick helped train Johnny, and Johnny the fighter fell madly in love with Amy Vining. Despite attempted intereference by the mob, Johnny won his fight and went on to NY to further his career, leaving a heartbroken Amy behind.

Noah and Tiff began a love affair. Noah confessed that he was in love, probably for the first time in his life. Their happiness was almost destroyed by the return of Bobbie Spencer to Port Charles.

While hiking in the mountains, Luke met Holly Sutton. Holly claimed to be an orphan, and that she'd inherited some land in Port Charles. Luke and Holly seemed to find oil on the land, and began urging people to invest. Luke and Scorpio didn't realize that it was all a scam set up by Holly and her family. After a long struggle with her conscience, Holly told Luke the truth and the two recovered the money that the Corsos had stolen.

Luke and Holly spent a few happy moments together before a big fight separated them with Luke going off to the mountains to think. Danger immediately befell him when he was mugged, and was the victim of an avalanche. Paralyzed, Luke learned the people of Port Charles believed he was dead, so he decided not to return. Natalie Dearborn, alias Natasha, a member of the DVX spy organization, posed as a therapist to gain Luke's trust. Holly found she was expecting Luke's child and Robert married her to save her from deportation.

Holly miscarried and after some time, fell in love with Robert and consummated their marriage. Luke chose that time to return to Port Charles, almost cured of his paralysis. When he found Holly was wed to Robert he severed their friendship.

As part of her settlement with Alan, who was now also divorced from Monica, Susan Moore became a millionairess. Scotty Baldwin, despite Heather's advances, became interested in her for financial reasons. After Susan was critically injured in a car accident, she and Scotty were married. Crane Tolliver came to town with papers proving the Quartermaines were illegitimate. He was Lila's first husband and their divorce was never finalized. He conspired with Susan to blackmail the family, but the plan backfired when Susan was murdered by Crane and he was later found out. On his deathbed, he gave the papers to Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward's illegitimate son. Jimmy Lee used them to his advantage, securing a home for himself and Jason.

Celia Quartermaine arrived in Port Charles engaged to Grant Putnam, an orthopedic surgeon. Grant was in reality, a DVX operator, in cahoots with Natalie. They were to get hold of an energized disc for their Motherland. In the process Luke, Holly and Celia were kidnapped, but Grant later turned state's evidence and saved them from death. In England the real Grant Putnam regained his memory after seeing an article in the paper.

[photo] Bobbie met D.L. Brock, a financier from New York. They fell in love and she became pregnant. When Bobbie miscarried and learned she could never have children, she married Brock anyhow.

Laura returned after two years. Luke, who had been elected Mayor of Port Charles could not believe his eyes. However, Laura was wed to Stavros Cassadine, the man who kept her prisoner in Greece. He followed her to the U.S. and later met his death in a fall down the stairs at Luke's home. The happy couple left town.

Celia exposed Grant Putnam as the psychopathic killer he really was. Grant Andrews and Celia reconciled and he was reinstated as a doctor and he invested in a new research clinic.

Brock planned to have Rick fired from the position of Health Commissioner because Rick closed down his plant as unsanitary. He hired Mike's real mother, Ginny, to frame Rick by making it appear like he took a bribe. Brock was exposed and Ginny decided to stay in Port Charles. Realizing that she really loved Mike, Ginny wanted him back. When Lesley was killed in a car crash, Ginny and Rick decided to get married so they didn't have to put Mike through a custody battle. Slowly but surely, they developed a deep affection for each other. When Derek Barrington, Mike's real father came to town, it caused problems.

Brock's spoiled daughter Terry showed up, putting a big strain on Bobbie and Brock's already shaky marriage. Differences caused Bobbie to move out. Bobbie came back when Brock promised to support her against Terry. Terry and Brock started fighting and she got into trouble at a bar and got arrested. Bobbie bailed her out and the two women became closer.

Jimmy Lee's mother, Beatrice, came to Port Charles and they plotted to blackmail the Quartermaines with documents proving his illegitimacy. Along the way, she stole other incriminating evidence against Port Charles' prominent citizens from Lorena's safe at the Health Spa. Beatrice began blackmailing them also. At a party at the Spa, Beatrice accidentally drank Lila's heart medication, and coupled with other medication in her system that was slipped to her by her victims, she overdosed and died. Jimmy Lee vowed revenge and got $20,000,000 from the Quartermaines in return for the document.

Newcomer rock musician Frisco Jones fell for Tania Roskov and tried to console her as she tried to get over her affair with Grant Andrews. She later fell in love with Frisco's brother Anthony.

[photo] Frisco got involved with Felicia Cummings, an Aztec princess. She was trying to retrieve a ring that, when coupled with a royal scepter, was the key to a hidden treasure. Luke and Robert teamed up again in Mexico trying to retrieve the royal scepter. They solicited the assistance of an ex-WSB buddy of Robert's, Sean Donely, who in actuality was trying to steal the treasure himself.

Religous differences finally became too much for Jake and Rose, and they split. Rose left town to work for her stepson, Joe Kelly. Aunt Ruby took over the diner in her absence.

Terry Brock became very nervous and jittery when Kevin and Patrick O'Connor came to town. They were a part of Terry's past life in Laurelton. When they moved into the new brownstone that Bobbie and Jake had purchased, it drove Terry to sleepwalking. Then her Grandma Talbot visited, and even more trouble occurred. A man was found dead in the brownstone with a knife in his back and Terry standing over him.

Grant's marriage to Celia ended when she fell for Jimmy Lee once more. After her divorce became final, she wed Jimmy Lee.

Meanwhile, a beautiful woman with a scar on her face came to Port Charles. She turned out to be Robert's ex-wife Anna Devane. She introduced Robert to their daughter, Robin. An ex-WSB agent, Anna helped Robert find the treasure.

Holly was kidnapped by Donely, who now had the treasure. Robert eventually tracked her down in the woods where she was being held prisoner in a pullman car. Anna joined Sean at a hide-out on the Canadian border where they awaited Mr. Wu, an international jewel thief who planned to buy the treasure. Robert found the hideout and he and Sean got into a fight on a tram. Robert appeared to fall to his death. Sean took the treasure to meet Mr. Wu's assistant. Robert, disguised as Yang, arrested Sean.

Jimmy Lee's friend, Buzz Stryker, arrived in Port Charles and was hired as Steve Hardy's assistant. He started a medical van with Grant.

Ginny's marriage to Rick was on the rocks when she was found guilty of Brock's murder. She was let off the hook when it was revealed that he had a brain tumor. She took up with Derek Barrington, Mike's father, and became pregnant. The baby turned out to be Rick's.

[photo] Holly left for Australia and Robert stayed to tie up loose ends with the treasure. Mr. Wu, the Asian godfather, was making slaves of the people of the community. A rebellious group called the green shirts were trying to gain the people's freedom. In order to do this they had to have a set of black pearls in Buddha statues, that Anna once owned. While Anna had them, Robin took the pearls out of the statues and used them for her doll's eyes.

Wu's men tried to steal Robin's doll, but were stopped by Frisco. Wu ordered a hit on Frisco but his buddy Josh got killed instead. Vowing revenge, Frisco went undercover. He was taken in by Donely who had been sprung from jail by Wu in return for his help.

Jimmy Lee faced a financial setback when some of his waterfront buildings collapsed. Celia wasn't sure she could deal with being poor again. She left Jimmy Lee and Port Charles.

Frisco realized that Donely had been working with them all along and tried to convince Robert of that. Robert could never believe his friend again, however, after Canada.

Robin discovered the pearls in her doll and gave them up. Frisco and Donely were cleared and the people of the Asian quarter were freed.

Robert left for Australia. Frisco and Felicia became engaged. Monica took up with Sean. Anna and Burt were made co-commissioners. Frisco joined the Port Charles police force. Tanya, who was now married to Frisco's brother, Tony, became pregnant.

Monica and Sean started having an affair and plotted to bleed the Quartermaines of their fortune. Sean leaked word of a merger between Donely Enterprises and the Cassadines. Jimmy Lee decided to sell the family stock and invest it all. Monica had second thoughts and tried to warn the family that the merger was a fake. They didn't listen and the Quartermaines lost everything. Derek Barrington bought their mansion and the Quartermaines moved into Kelly's Diner.

The victim of the brownstone murder turned out to be Neil Johnson, a cousin of Kevin and Patrick's. Bobbie and Jake Meyer headed to Laurelton to get some clues on the murder and Terry's mysterious background. Kevin and Terry became engaged and Terry started remembering something about a Valentine's Day dance. While hypnotized it was discovered that while at the dance she drank some spiked punch and went to a hotel room with Patrick. She paraded down main street stark naked.

Bobbie and Jake couldn't get anything out of the tight-lipped residents of Laurelton but the two fell in love. They did find out about another murder, however; that of Earl Moody, Kevin and Patrick's uncle. Moody was a major stock holder in Purity Water Company and now the stock belonged to Patrick. Patrick became the prime suspect. When Terry remembered Earl Moody's dead body falling on her at the town hall, she soon became the prime suspect.

[photo] Jennifer Talbot was murdered and Kevin was suspected when a witness testified to seeing him with Jennifer the day she died. Kevin swore he was innocent and enlisted the aid of his lover, librarian turned nympho, Lucy Coe, to be his alibi.

Terry remembered that Kevin murdered Earl and he whisked her off to Catalina Island for a "honeymoon." He tried to get her to kill herself, but she was rescued by Jake, Anna and Frisco. Kevin fell to his death when Terry knocked him on the head with a rock. Jake testified that Kevin fell in a struggle.

Derek and Lorena left town as did Ginny, Rick, Mike and Rick Jr. Buzz' daughter Sandy came to Port Charles and fell for Jimmy Lee.

Anna and mobster, Duke Lavery, clashed on the idea of waterfront expansion but were still attracted to each other. When a hit was ordered on Frisco by Mr. Big, the head of the organization, Duke said he wanted out. He had to stay in, however, if he wanted to keep Anna and Robin alive.

Robert returned to town to help bust the organization. Mr. Big turned out to be Burt Ramsey. Duke turned state's evidence and the organization was busted, with some help from Frisco and Felicia.

Alan, scheming to get back at Sean and Monica, staged his own murder. He faked amnesia and went to the country where he fell for a woman named Charity Gatlin. Tiffany returned to Port Charles to work for Edward in getting Sean. She bought the TV station and fell for Sean. Faced with a murder charge, Sean returned the Quartermaines' money. Charity found out Alan was faking amnesia and she fell for Jimmy Lee. They married and left town.

Jake and Bobbie became engaged. Lucy Coe wrote the Kevin O'Connor story but skimmed the profits. Ted found out about it and shortly after was found murdered. Lucy was the prime suspect. Jake believed she was innocent and took her case. She moved into the Brownstone.

Lucy skipped town to clear her name. Jake followed her. The two were trapped in a storm and made love. Lucy was cleared when it was revealed that Sarah, a woman involved in the Earl Moody cover-up, was the murderess. Lucy became pregnant and Jake and Bobbie planned to adopt her baby. She eventually had a miscarriage.

Duke was given a light sentence but was sent to the same prison as Angus, one of the mobsters Duke implicated, who also happened to be his father.

Robert returned to Port Charles when Holly died in a plane crash. Tom Hardy also returned with his fiance Simone Ravelle. They faced problems because of their racial differences.

[photo] Tanya was killed by a hit and run driver and left Tony with their baby Barbara Jean, a.k.a. B.J. Lucy moved in with Tony to take care of B.J.

Terry became involved with her singing partner, Dusty Walker. It turned out he was being programmed by the DVX to murder Robert and Anna. Dusty's controller, Elena, was a woman claiming to be the head of a peace movement. Elena was stopped. Duke and Anna wed. Dusty left town, as did Camilia.

Tony and Lucy became lovers but he told her he could never be in love with her. Lucy's Aunt Charlene came to town with a secret from Lucy's past. She got a job as Tony's housekeeper. Tony and Lucy wed. Charlene's son, Colton Shore, arrived in Port Charles.

Jake took off to South America and Scotty Baldwin returned to town. Scotty did not give Bobbie messages from Jake and the Meyers split up. Also arriving in Port Charles was Tiffany's sister Cheryl, I who was a financial wizard. She flirted with Sean a bit, but then fell for Robert. Tom and Simone wed.

Frisco joined the WSB and was sent on secret assignment after secret assignment. Felicia found out that Frisco had been killed. She teamed with Colton in finding out how Frisco died. It turned out that Colton was programmed to kill Frisco, but someone else's bullet reached him first. Felicia, who had fallen for Colton, left town.

Tony divorced Lucy when she let B.J. drink nail polish. Lucy teamed up with Scotty. Tony became blind because of all of the stress in his life. He and Bobbie became closer.

Duke got caught up in the organization again. This time, it was the Jeromes. He was seduced by Olivia St. John, Victor Jerome's daughter, and she became pregnant. Anna also announced to Duke that they were expecting a child. Olivia tried to kill Anna and succeeded in causing her to have a miscarriage. It turned out that Olivia was not pregnant after all.

Problems occurred for Robert and Cheryl when Cheryl's ex-lover Julian Jerome returned to town. Cheryl, who thought he was dead, kept this from Robert. Olivia made everyone's life hell. She was shot and went into a coma. Anna was the prime suspect and Scotty did all he could to convict her. It was finally discovered that Dino, Victor's illegitimate son, was the would-be murderer. He thought he was entitled to the Jerome fortune.

[photo] Sean and Tiffany wed and Cheryl left town. Arriving in Port Charles were Lord Ashton, Tracy Quartermaine's ex-husband; his wife Arielle, Colton's ex- lover; and Ned, Tracy and Larry's son who had an affair with Monica. Colton became involved with Arielle again. Tracy Quartermaine then returned.

Felicia returned to town and took up with Colton again. Arielle was scorned and joined her Uncle Nicholas to get revenge, and to find the dragon bone mystery. Tom and Simone's marriage became even more shaky when Dr. Harrison Davis came to Port Charles. It seemed he and Simone had a brief romance while she was at a convention in England. She slept with Harrison and Tom on the same day and became pregnant.

Olivia came out of her coma with partial amnesia. Nobody knew if she was faking it or not, so they arrested her. Duke was asked to testify against the mob. He realized that if he did, his whole family might pay for it. He decided against the witness protection program. He was warned not to make any statements against the mob, or else. Anna and Duke agreed that the wisest thing they could do would be to disappear from Port Charles, together. Robin chose to go with them, rather than stay with Robert. Duke learned that a contract had been put out on his life.

Everyone was trying to get their hands on the map, but Prince ended up with it. Later Sean found it and made a copy.

Sean realized that Arielle was bent on revenge, putting Colton and Felicia's lives in danger. Arielle had Felicia kidnapped, and Colton was kidnapped by the WSB. They asked him to go back to work for them. He wanted to be with Felicia, who Robert had rescued, but knew they had to stay apart so that he could get back together with Arielle to gain important information.

Nicholas invited Paul and Katherine to stay with him in the Bahamas. Edward also took off on vacation, and his plane crashed. Edward had made up a phony will, to shake up his heirs. He planned to change it when he returned, but suddenly, it looked like he would never return.

Victor had Duke set up. He ran straight into a building that was about to blow up! Luckily, Agent Russo saved Duke's life by leading him through an underground tunnel. By letting everyone believe he was dead, his family would remain safe. The ultimate martyr, Duke sacrificed his identity for his family's sake. Anna couldn't believe he was dead.

[photo] When Katherine told Paul that their relationship was through, he kidnapped her. She realized that he had killed her family. Paul had lost his mind. He was going to bury them in a "pharaoh's tomb" that he had built. But Robert was on his way to rescue her. He saved her life, and Paul died.

Colton ended up married to Arielle, which did not make him happy at all. Arielle agreed to a divorce, and Colton proposed to Felicia.

Edward was presumed dead, and Ned was left the inheritance that Alan expected. He tried to have Edward declared senile when he wrote the will, but Lila wouldn't hear of it. Alan turned to Lucy for sympathy.

Victor had sent Scott gifts as bribery. Scott wanted to return them, but Lucy ended up keeping them, then she started to worry that might not have been a very good move.

At Victor's trial, Olivia confessed that she had heard her father ordering Duke's death. To everyone's delight, Victor was convicted.

A mysterious man in a Turkish prison was nearly killed by a priest carrying a domino. Monica and Ned were still very attracted to each other. Dawn returned to Port Charles.

Guess who the man in the Turkish prison was? Frisco was alive and still carrying Felicia's photo. He arrived in Port Charles just in time to see Felicia pronounced the wife of the man who had tried to kill him. Needless to say, he was shocked.

[photo] Frisco had believed that Felicia knew he was alive, but learned from Sean that everyone thought he was dead. Meanwhile Felicia enjoyed her unusual honeymoon.

Anna vowed to see Olivia put in jail for life. Under duress, Olivia made a full confession, which Anna taped. Olivia ended up in a mental institution.

Felicia was shocked to see Frisco, but maintained that she would honor her vows to Colton. Katherine was romantically pursued by Claudio Maldonado, a wealthy admirer. Robert was jealous.

After regaining his sight, Tony offered to help Frisco catch Domino. Tracy was voted into Edward's old position. Tiffany discovered that Cheryl was pregnant. Cheryl swore that the baby was Julian's.

Ned bought Dawn an island and mansion. They planned to turn Windemere mansion into a hotel. Meanwhile Tracy had been snooping around the orphanage where Dawn grew up and figured out that Dawn was Monica's daughter that she had given up for adoption eighteen years ago. Monica found out the truth, too, when she found Dawn's birth certificate.

Domino was planning to take over the world. He already had six countries under control. Colton was, once again, hypnotized and programmed to kill Frisco.

Cheryl gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but was told that he died. Then the boy was sold to Bobbie for twenty five thousand dollars. Tony paid for the baby and Bobbie had no idea who he belonged to. Bobbie and Tony decided to get married.

Decker Moss, Colton's younger brother arrived in town, with his friend Phoebe. Colton wasn't happy to see him. He stole Ned's motorcycle and promptly got into an accident with Felicia. She was hurt, and when she came to, she didn't know who she was. She found Phoebe's identification and assumed that was who she was. Meanwhile, Frisco and Colton searched for her.

Felicia, still believing that she was Phoebe, was having a good time with Decker, living in the fast lane. They never slept together. She finally realized who she was when she saw Frisco and Colton on TV. Instead of rushing home, she and Decker went on vacation; Felicia dreaded returning to Port Charles and having to choose between Colton and Frisco.

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