History: The Nineties

[photo] When Monica finally told Dawn that she was her mom, Dawn was happy. Ned made another revelation to Dawn that he loved her. Tony and Bobbie married on a tropical island, the same one that Decker and Felicia were hiding away on. Colton and Frisco managed to track Felicia down. But she pretended to have amnesia. In the end, she chose Frisco.

Victor Jerome escaped from jail and died in the Quartermaine boathouse. Lucy claimed that he had choked to death. She stole the diamonds that he had with him. Alan and Lucy threw Victor's body into the harbor. They became lovers. Olivia got out of the mental institution to go to her father's funeral. Victor's son Julian heard that Duke was alive and planned to kill him. Olivia figured out that Lucy had the diamonds.

[photo] Duke went to a clinic in Brazil to have his face and voice changed so that he could return to Port Charles with a different identity. Anna thought she had seen him at the airport.

Simone gave birth to a son, Thomas Steven. Lucy was kidnapped, but wouldn't give up the diamonds. Katherine and Robert got back together. Robert proposed to Katherine as they were hanging in mid-air. She accepted.

Anna encountered Duke in the clinic, but didn't recognize him. In fact, she thought he was the man responsible for Duke's death and agreed to help Julian prove it.

After Olivia escaped from the mental institution, she kidnapped Colton. They were soon in a helicopter crash. She was going to leave him to die, but later returned to care for him. As they spent more and more time together, they began to fall in love. They were eventually rescued.

Edward's true will was brought to light. In it, he left Alan and Tracy ELQ, and made Ned treasurer of the company. Lila communicated with Edward's ghost.

Monica dumped Alan after Lucy secretly exposed her affair with him on the front page of the newspaper, which forced him to marry her. She told him that she was pregnant, but failed to tell him that she had also slept with Scotty, who assumed that the child was his. As a result, Scotty wrangled himself a prestigious position at ELQ, while he continued his affair with Lucy.

[photo] DNA tests proved that Harrison Davis was the father of Simone's child, and not her husband, Tom. To gain custody of the child, Harrison hastily wed Meg to form a complete family unit. Later, it was revealed that Harrison, with the help of Simone's mother, Pauline, had the tests falsified. Meg divorced Harrison, who quickly left town. Julian arranged to have Duke and Olivia killed, but before Olivia died, she told Anna that Jonathan Paget was actually Duke! In a shoot out, Duke killed Julian, and was severely injured himself. He made his way back to Anna's apartment and died in her arms.

Robert and Kate began to grow closer and closer, but his devotion to Anna and Robin was too much for her to handle.

A strange visitor from a far-off planet came to earth and assumed the identity of Casey Rogers. He befriended Robin Scorpio. In his quest for a missing crystal, he discovered that the noted author P.K. Sinclair, who leased Spoon Island, possessed the other half of the crystal. Sinclair was revealed as DVX Chief Cesar Faison, whom had worked with Anna years earlier when she was a double agent. It turned out that he was still obsessed with her, and had a hold over Sean Donely as well.

Frisco and Felicia were remarried, but he secretly rejoined the WSB. Before Felicia could tell him that she was pregnant, she discovered that he was a spy again. She left him and went to stay with her grandfather in Mexico. She later returned to Port Charles and told Frisco that she was pregnant. He gave up working for the WSB and became a singer at Delafield's. They welcomed their first child, Maria Maximilliana Jones shortly thereafter.

Decker began to fall in love with Dawn, who was engaged to Ned. After Ned and Dawn married, Dawn discovered that her new husband had slept with her mother, and left town with Decker, who was being accused of murder. When they returned to Port Charles, Decker was cleared, and Dawn had her marriage annulled. Unfortunately, Dawn died in a fire.

[photo] Robin convinced Anna and Frisco that Casey was an alien. Together, they retrieved the crystal which allowed Casey to return to his own planet. Meanwhile, Scorpio discovered that Faison was still with the DVX and sought the help of Faison's old foe, Remondo, to kill Faison. On the night of Casey's departure, Anna met Shep Casey, who looked exactly like Casey Rogers. Shep was a newscaster who worked for Tiffany.

Colton became involved with Carla Greco, who came from Santo Moro under the protection of Rico Chacone. When Carla turned down Rico's proposal, he brutally raped her. After Rico took several Port Charles citizens hostage at General Hospital, Carla killed him. Scorpio, Frisco and Sean helped save the hostages and the president of Santo Moro, who Rico was trying to assassinate. Several months later, Colton, Carla, and Charlene left Port Charles for good. When Katherine realized that Robert would never marry her, she left town, too.

Shep and Anna had a brief fling, but he left town when he realized that Anna still had feelings for her ex-husband, Robert. Bobbie discovered that the child she had adopted was really Cheryl's. When Cheryl learned that her baby was alive, she asked Robert to help her find him. Scorpio found out that Bobbie's son, Lucas, was the baby he was looking for. Once she was reunited with her baby, she told Robert he was the father, and left town. A blood test proved that the child didn't belong to him. Tony left Bobbie when he found out she had been lying to him about the baby.

Frisco rejoined the police department to help Robert when the Greenbelts were protesting the docking of the ELQ ship in the harbor. Meanwhile Robert was having lots of personal turmoil; his brother, Mac, whom he hated, turned up out of the blue, and Anna was driving him crazy! A new family, the Eckerts, came to town, and they turned out to be Bobbie's cousins. As a matter of fact, Bill Eckert was the spitting image of Luke!

[photo] Lila sent Lucy on a cruise after she lost the baby, and while she was gone, Alan made plans to divorce her. Monica took hold of the Quartermaine finances, after she had Tracy and Ashton move into the gate house. Bobbie tried to reconcile with Tony.

While Anna nervously waited for news about Robert's surgery, Mac was fingered for the attempted murder of his brother. He went on trial and Jenny stood by him. Meanwhile, Sean and Scotty joined in the attempt to prove him innocent. The growing amount of evidence was all going against Mac and also Paul. A recovered Robert and Anna were growing closer and made love as a violent earthquake hit Port Charles.

The aftermath of the earthquake found Felicia and her daughter, Maxie (Frisco had left them to save the world from crime), trapped in the rubble of the brownstone. Although paralyzed from the waist down, she recovered rather quickly. During all the panic of the quake, Mac had escaped from jail.

Anna was shot on the waterfront and Robert was sure Mac was responsible. He caught Mac boarding a ship and during a struggle, Mac fell into the water. Robert was sure he had killed his brother.

Robert was indicted for Mac's murder, but he went on the run when he found out Mac was still alive. Frisco searched for Robert. Robert found Mac and learned of his innocence. Robert was shot by someone else. Anna arrived and gave first aid to Robert.

Later, Robert and Anna remarried. With the damaged brownstone finally rebuilt, Bobbie, Tony and little B.J. moved back in, as did Tom and Simone.

Mac and Dominique found out that Leopold, the guy who had imprisoned her, Robert and Anna in his mansion after Robert was shot, was in with Paul. Sean confronted Paul and Paul threatened him. Faison poisoned Tiffany's drink. She was hospitalized. Paul gave Sean some mysterious pills to give Tiffany. She suddenly recovered and went home.

Mac and Dominique (Leopold's wife) admitted they loved each other. Tiffany had a relapse and Paul told Sean that the pill only lasts thirty days and he'll need a constant supply for long term treatment. He blackmailed Sean into cooperating with him, but Sean informed Robert about the plot.

Monica and Alan eloped with one family witness in attendance--Lila Quartermaine. She threw a reception for everyone at the license bureau.

[photo] In an effort to escape Leopold's hold on her, and so she could be with her true love Mac, Dominique faked her own death. After getting into financial difficulty, Mac returned to Port Charles. Leopold discovered where Dominique was. Tracy cancelled her wedding plans after learning that Paul had a daughter he never told her about. They later reconciled and were wed.

Leopold was trying to make Dominique think she was going crazy. He had her committed to an insane asylum, but she escaped. She decided that she really did need therapy, so she returned voluntarily.

Nancy Eckert, Bill Eckert's wife, was murdered. There were a lot of suspects, but Bill Eckert was arrested for the crime. He was released on bail, and vowed to prove his innocence and learn the truth. Robert found a tape indicating that Lucy and Scotty had worked with Nancy; and A.J., Monica and Alan's now grown son, was being blackmailed by her. Scott was facing disbarment.

Felicia was shocked and overjoyed when she got a message from Frisco. In it, he expressed a desire to have she and Maxie with him. She would consider it, but the search for Connor's father was growing more important right then.

In a truly Agatha Christie type scene, Robert got all Nancy's murder suspects together and tricked Finian into confessing his guilt.

Robert, Anna, Bill and the WSB discovered the mystery of the cannery. Paul joined Sean. Mac discovered that Leopold was responsible for a questionable gathering of third world politicians and told Sean. They concluded that something nefarious was going on. Anna had the very strange idea that Edward Quartermaine might still be alive.

[photo] Bill was being pressured by the cartel to eliminate Robert permanently. Realizing that they were serious, the two staged a fake shooting. It was going to backfire when Harlan unexpectedly jumped out to shoot Robert, but he was shot by Bill. Bill told Leopold and Faison that Harlan was trying to stop the Robert assassination.

Lila continued her discussions with Edward's picture and one day he actually made a reappearance and answered her in person. He explained that he was being threatened by the cartel and was hiding in the Caribbean. Anna and Robert brought him back.

Paul revealed the cartel blackmail scheme and other illegal activities, and it was eventually disbanded. Leopold was gone. Faison renewed his obsession with Anna and kidnapped her. Robert followed and all were supposedly killed by the WSB.

Scotty, Lucy, and Julia Barrett went into the perfume business together, with Dominique as their model. On a business trip to New York, Lucy decided to take up with an ad executive who had been interested in her. Scotty was upset. Mac and Dominique were having difficulties. Bill and Holly Scorpio, who it turned out never died years earlier, began eyeing each other.

Robert and Anna, who were in pursuit of the evil Faison, were killed in a boat explosion. All Port Charles mourned the loss and tried to move on with their lives.

Spurned by Paul's marriage to Tracy, Jenny Eckert began keeping company with Ned. He loved what an old-fashioned type girl she was and soon they were talking marriage. Paul tried to tell her that he still loved her, but she encouraged him to try to make his marriage work and that she was going to start anew. Ned and Jenny were married, but Tracy was none-too-happy about her son's choice for a mate and she vowed to destroy the marriage.

When Lucy left town, Scott, Dominique and Julia were left with making Deception (the perfume company) a success, which in time, they did. Scott and Dominique couldn't stand each other and were always getting involved in one mess after another.

Jason wanted to impress Karen, so he took her out on one of the Quartermaine boats for an afternoon picnic. He didn't count on street rogue Jagger, who was also interested in Karen, stowing away with them. They soon got caught in a severe storm and the boat was destroyed. The three teens found their way to a deserted island. They were unaware that the storm also stranded Joseph Atkins, Bobbie's pen pal who escaped from jail, and his brother, Cal.

When Jason and Jagger went off to look for food, Karen took a bath in a lagoon. Cal was hiding in the bushes the whole time and he scared Karen to death when he suddenly appeared. He attempted to rape her, but Jagger and Jason pushed him over a cliff to his apparent death. The teens were soon rescued by Alan, Sean and A.J., but they didn't tell anybody about Cal.

Felicia returned to Port Charles, but before she could see anybody, she was grabbed from behind and drugged. When she awoke in the hospital, she didn't recognize any of her family or friends. Mac befriended the troubled young woman, who began to have disturbing flashbacks.

Joe Atkins, who saw what Jagger, Jason and Karen did to his brother, began sending them threatening notes, asking for money in exchange for his silence. Jason sold some valuable Quartermaine coins to get the money, which got him in trouble with his family. Joe, now rich, planned to escape town, but not before stopping by Bobbie's and kidnapping her. Tony tried to save his wife, but Joe knocked him on the head and left him for dead. Mac offered to fly the helicopter Joe ordered. Just as Joe and Bobbie were about to get on the helicopter, Tony, who had awoke, grabbed Bobbie, and Joe was brought to jail.

As Felicia tried to remember her past, she continued to grow closer to Mac. Pediatrician Dr. Ryan Chamberlin appeared in town and became friends with Felicia. However, he started secretly giving her drugs to prolong her loss of memory. Mac grew suspicious of Ryan, but Felicia became more and more attracted to him.

During a business trip in Las Vegas, Scott and Dominique got drunk and married each other in a little chapel. When they realized what they had done, they didn't want to admit how they really felt about each other, so they both reluctantly agreed to a divorce. However, Scott did everything he could to delay the process. They eventually fell in love.

Determined to end her son's marriage, Tracy hired Marco Dane, formerly of Llanview (One Life to Live) to dig up some dirt on Jenny, which he did. He found out that Jenny, who proclaimed she was a virgin on her wedding night, actually had an affair with Senator Kensington and later miscarried their child when she was sixteen. Ned was furious that Jenny lied to him, and they split. Ned quickly found solace in Julia's arms, while Paul began spending more time with Jenny, leaving Tracy out in the cold.

[photo] Julia's sister, Brenda, got her hooks into Jagger and didn't want to let go. His heart was with Karen, and Brenda did everything she could to keep him in her bed.

Tiffany's sister, Cheryl, was killed in a car crash, leaving her son, Lucas, an orphan. Tiffany desperately wanted the child, but in her will, Cheryl left the child to Bobbie, who raised Lucas during his first years of life. Tiffany wouldn't let him go, and the two friends battled it out.

Lucy returned to town, only to find Scott happily married to Dominique. She did her best to seduce him, but Scott remained true to his wife, who began to have troubling headaches.

During a weekend trip in the mountains with Ryan, Felicia remembered that Ryan was the man who was trying to hurt her. She stabbed him numerous times to get away from him, but was later found guilty of trying to kill him and was sent to a mental hospital.

Dominique was told that she had an inoperable brain tumor. She had wanted to have a child with Scott. Lucy agreed to carry the fetus to term via in-vitro fertilization. After seeing a sonogram of the living fetus, Dominique died a happy woman. Scott was inconsolable.

During a Valentine's Day dance, Karen opted to leave Jason and got together with Jagger. Together they embarked on a search for Jagger's long-lost brother and sister. Brenda began working at the Quartermaine mansion and befriended Jason.

Ned and Julia continued their relationship, but she soon realized their attraction was more one of lust than love. They broke up. Paul and Jenny continued in their battles with his ex-wife, Tracy, who was trying to ruin Jenny's reputation.

Mac and Felicia came up with an elaborate scheme to make troublemaker Ryan think he was going insane. After young Lucas was given custody to Bobbie, Sean and Tiffany had major marital problems. During a separation, he had an affair with attorney Jessica. He and Tiffany were eventually reunited, but Jessica vowed not to give him up so easily.

After a heated argument, Tracy accidentally ran down Jenny, but left the scene and later called for an ambulance. Later, Jenny remembered that Tracy was responsible for her injuries and confronted her. They made a deal that Tracy would divorce Paul and drop the phony case against him. Tracy agreed and then fled Port Charles with the Quartermaine money and their son, Dylan.

Ryan got wind of Mac and Feliciažs plans for him, so he attempted to flee, but not before he freaked out, mistook Audrey Hardy for his hated mother and beat her severely. He then kidnapped Maxie and fled to Texas where he was injured when he fell off a cliff during a struggle. He was brought back to Port Charles for prosecution, but first was admitted to General Hospital where he came face to face with Dr. Tom Hardy!

Katherine, a mysterious friend of the deceased Dominique arrived in Port Charles. She said she was Dominique's friend, but in reality was her half- sister. She and Damian were conspiring to get Dom's fortune, so she made a play for Scott and eventually fell in love with him. At their wedding she admitted her lie, thanks to Lucy's detective work.

Jessica met a grisly demise at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain, who was sent to a mental institution for the criminally insane. Port Charles was shocked when it appeared that Ryan walked into the Outback after being locked up, but it was actually his long-lost twin brother, Dr. Kevin Collins. Kevin later visited Ryan.

When Ryan learned that Mac and Felicia were to wed, he knocked Kevin out and switched places with his brother. Ryan attended the wedding and threatened to blow up the church and everyone in it. Mac and Paul saved the day, but Mac was injured, forcing the wedding to be postponed. Since everyone was there anyway, Paul and Jenny decided to get married right then. Brenda became a model for Deception.

During a snow storm, a pregnant Lucy was carjacked and left stranded in an abandoned cabin. Scott finally found her and helped deliver the baby, although there were complications. Lucy was rushed to General Hospital and later recovered. Fearing his life was in danger, Scott and baby Serena left Port Charles.

Luke and Laura resurfaced in Canada, and were living the idyllic life with their son, Lucky, when Frank Smith's henchmen finally caught up with them. Luke and Laura made a hasty exit, and left Lucky to find his own way to Port Charles, where he was taken in by Luke's Aunt Ruby until Luke and Laura arrived soon after.

Holly found out that Bill was two-timing her with Victoria, so she set out to teach him a lesson. She stole all of Bill's priceless art collection, and bid Port Charles good-bye. Bill was later killed in a terrible case of mistaken identity, when Frank Smith's goons thought he was their nemesis, Luke Spencer.

Sonny Corinthos came to town. He owned a strip club where Karen began spending lots of time at. She had recently realized she had been molested by her mother Rhonda's boyfriend Ray, and felt she wasn't worthy of love, so she turned to stripping for acceptance.

The mysterious Damian was revealed as Frank's son, who disowned his father to become a respectable businessman. However, he made a deal with Luke, who once again found himself working for Frank Smith to keep his family safe.

Luke broke Frank out of jail with the help of Sonny, but Smith still didn't trust Spencer. Laura told Luke she was pregnant, and hoped they could stay in Port Charles. They went to Atlantic City in order to get the dirt on Smith's daughter, Jennifer, so Frank might finally end his vendetta against the Spencers.

Rhonda called Alan, her friend, to tell him she needed help because Ray was at her apartment. Alan rushed over and pushed a drunken Ray aside. Ray hit his head and later died, forever linking Alan to this accidental death.

[photo] While on a business trip to Buffalo, Ned accepted a dare by a woman named Lois to sing on stage. Calling himself Eddie Maine, Ned became fascinated with Lois, a tough-talking band manager from Brooklyn. He kept his true identity a secret. Along with a group called The Idle Rich, Ned recorded a CD and pursued a relationship with Lois.

Mac and Felicia moved in together, but shortly thereafter, Maxie became ill. After a long absence, Frisco returned to town just as concerned about his daughter as Felicia was. Mac was a bit jealous, but he had a rebellious Robin to deal with.

Tony and Bobbie had a few problems in their marriage, especially when Bobbie agreed to see Damian Smith as a means of extracting info to help her brother. Bobbie began flirting with Damian, and even though Tony reluctantly gave his approval, he still had some reservations regarding Bobbie's motives. Damian, however, was looking only to win a bet with Lucy, which caused Bobbie to jeopardize her marriage vows. Lucy, who also had her eye on Damian, tried to warn Bobbie about Damian's intentions before it was too late.

After a stormy relationship, Karen and Jagger finally took their marriage vows and moved to Chicago. Before they left town, Rhonda revealed to her that Scott Baldwin was her biological father.

Laura went back to school and began helping Mary Mae Ward take care of several orphans. Brenda continued to model for Deception perfume, while her feelings for Sonny continued to grow.

A scandal hit Port Charles involving the long-ago disappearance of Bradley Ward, Mary Mae's son. Edward and his partner, Jack Boland, knew more than they were letting on. As Maxie's condition worsened, Frisco and Felicia grew closer together, leaving Mac out in the cold.

Luke planned to use the information he got on Jennifer to force Frank Smith to leave him and Laura alone, as they anxiously awaited the birth of their second child. However, Luke and Laura were forced to hit the road again in an effort to end their nightmare once and for all!

Tragedy seared through Port Charles when Bobbie and Tony's daughter B.J. was killed in a bus accident. Tony agreed to donate B.J.'s heart to her ailing cousin, Maxie. The event also triggered a near-fatality to Bobbie and Tony's once happy marriage. He couldn't deal with the fact that she had slept with Damian only one time. It took them a year to work towards even considering reconciling, and they still have a long road ahead of them.

While Maxie was recovering from her heart transplant, Frisco and Felicia spent one night together which resulted in a new daughter named Georgie. The pregnancy broke up Mac and Felicia permanently, but didn't do much to reconcile her with Frisco, who was more content fighting world crime with the WSB than being a dad.

Monica discovered a lump in her breast that turned out to be malignant. She underwent a mastectomy, but the cancer returned, which sent her to recover at a wellness center. After much chemotherapy, Monica was able to return to work at General Hospital.

Ned married both Lois, whom he loved, and Katherine, who was blackmailing the Quartermaines with information on the fact that Alan killed Rhonda's ex- boyfriend. Lois thought she had married Eddie Maine, pharmaceutical salesman. When she discovered the truth, she left Ned, but he managed to win her back and they were remarried in a beautiful seaside ceremony a year after their first "marriage."

[photo] Miguel's childhood sweetheart, Lily, came to town and confessed that she had given birth to their child years earlier, but her mobster father forced her to give him up for adoption. The two journeyed to Puerto Rico to find their son, Juan, but when they found him they decided he was better off with his adoptive parents. When they returned to Port Charles, they became engaged, but ran into relationship problems when Lily wanted to have another child immediately.

Robin lost her virginity to Stone, much to her Uncle Mac's chagrin. At first they practiced safe sex, but on more than one occasion they threw caution to the wind and didn't use a condom. They learned their lesson when Stone was tragically diagnosed with a full-blown case of AIDS and Robin was forced to take an HIV test.

Laura gave birth to a daughter, Leslie Lu, named after her Laura's mother. Shortly after the birth, Luke travelled to Puerto Rico, where he killed Frank Smith in a heated confrontation. His mob problems continued when he and Sonny, who had inherited Frank's empire, opened a nightclub and encountered Joe Scully, Sonny's mafia mentor from his teen years in Bensonhurst. Sonny soon killed Joe, but the mob retaliated and attacked Luke and Laura's house. That prompted Laura to throw Luke out of the house, claiming she wanted a normal life for her and her children.

Tiffany announced her surprise pregnancy, but before she and Sean could celebrate too much, Luke accidentally shot Sean, thinking he was fighting off members of the mob. Sean and Tiff were forced to leave town so he could recuperate from his extensive injuries.

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